Four Seasons Carp Cup round 1

The weekend of 13th March saw Team Bait Buckets first match of the season @ the epic Sandhurst Lake.
The new NE wind meant that all the anglers new they were in for a tough weekend.

Matt and Dave had their first decent draw in a year, coming out 2nd. They opted for the reliable peg 10 and got busy leading about looking for some spots.

A gravel bar about 1 rod length wide ran across the swim at 15 wraps, one rod was put on the silt at the front, one bang on it and one at the back. The other rod was punched into the cold wind to 22 wraps right up to the edge of the area towards were a couple of fish showed.

11.30 pm on the first nIght the long rod screamed off and after a ridiculous fight a very welcome 24lb mirror hit the net.

It fell to a very short IQ2 hook link with a size 8 wide gap Kaptor on a semi running in line lead. The hook bait was half a Mainline Essential boilie ( not available yet) tipped with half an IB pop up.

That was it for the boys as the wind got stronger and colder!

One other fish graced the bank during the weekend, unfortunately being a bit bigger, relegating the lads to second place.

All together a great start and points on the board ready for rest of the series